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Jay Kuebler: drums
BillMike: vocals/instruments

Norm Tischler: sax on 'Lawn Ave. Blues'

Recorded at Out of Sync Studios Cleveland Ohio
Mastered at A to Z Audio
Released on tolmie terrapin press.


released June 18, 2011


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Eleventh Hour Recording Company Cleveland, Ohio

A record releasing entity based in Cleveland Ohio

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Track Name: Belly of the Beast
it's a midnight gamble and i know i'm going to lose
i dealt myself in even though i'd seen the ruse
outta time, outta luck, outta mind, outta sync, outta place
you say i came in last i didn't even know there was a race

under an old streetlight down there, 65th and detroit
where the yuppies meet the hookers
and the smooth dark dealing dope boys

now if i had it again you know what i'd choose
i'll take nothing back and i'd still sing the blues
if i had it again you know what i'd do
they might have new soles
but i'll always have holes in my shoes

i look on every street corner now for your face
did you get out or get spit out
of this God-forsaken cursed place
your name's in the hallway,
your tag's still on the back door
behind the boarded up windows of the places we lived

in a burned out factory i was looking towards the west
planting the seeds of superstition, this is something
you'd have never of kept

now it's all been played out in my mind
between the memory and the truth it defies
in the coda's last line i will seek not to find
for it's left something i can't define
Track Name: Highway Pipeline
There's no lyrics in surf music!
Track Name: Down By the Riverside
I'm gonna lay down my sword and shield
Down by the riverside

Ain't gonna study war no more

Gonna leave all my sin and shame
Down by the riverside

I ain't gonna study war no more

I'm gonna talk with the Prince of Peace
Down by the riverside

Ain't gonna study war no more
Track Name: Lawn Avenue Blues
there's not a penny to his name
but they got coffee on the corner
i'm gonna slip on out and get into some money tonight
don't need a sad luck dame
it's just that they always seem to find me
so i'm gonna get some, make some,
work somebody tonight

no excuses for what i've done
just a handful of prayers for when the good Lord comes
got no excuses for what i've done
what i am, what i'm not, what i have become

out of the back of a van
it ain't worked since '97
he's gonna hit them notes
as i'm strummin' my blues away


he's a skeleton at a feast
he's just a specter in the shadows
every night the moon's full,
he's out there runnin' with the wolves
now ain't it a shame how life works
because it's gone before you know it
it's gonna hold you back, drag you on
it's gonna pass you by

Track Name: Lost In Translation
you say that all you've lost won't equal what you've found
but i think there's more important things in life than gold
you've built your house out there upon the stormy shores
it's blowin' down now when the wind, it hits your door
and i say

there ain't no refuge here out in the night
with it's sordid lies
there ain't no promises that will be kept
there's nothing left but an old sad song

like a drummer who's lost the beat
it squirms and cries like a dog in heat
this is one record that won't find it's groove
the whole damn world is born to lose

there ain't no refuge here out in the night
with it's sordid lies
there ain't no promises that will be kept
there's nothing left but an old sad song
it goes on and on
it's melody's been etched into our minds

you say that all you have won't equal what you could
a premonition now for what you've got in store
but thoughts like that surely will do more harm than good
those 30 pieces they won't get you through the door
Track Name: Price of Wine
hello my friend let me sit next to you
i'd surely buy you a beer
but my money's been spent and i can't pay no rent
it's getting about that time of year
but you know if i had it i'd give it to you
we'd get wasted through and through
it's been a long day and i've something to say
i've got a request of you

buy me a drink of alcohol
gin and tonic or beer
whiskey sours, happy hours
'til the message, it isn't so clear
cause i've been down, all i have is my sound
but i've still got some love for the streets
i don't mind the price of wine
just as long as it's cheap
Track Name: No Surf In Cleveland
i am from an industrial town
where the streets are mean and the people frown
seems like there's always something keeping us down
the lake is clogged with industrial waste
the politicians are crooked and the skies are grey
there ain't no surf in cleveland, usa

i'm a rustbelt motherfucker with something to say
those six little letters spell 'fuck l.a.'
'cause there ain't no surf in cleveland, usa

this town is dying
we are not a tourist stop
but we can work at wal-mart
they went and put it on the steel mill plot
Track Name: Rum Runner
so come on let's take a ride, keep that rifle by your side
we'll drive fast where life seems to take it slow
but once this car you climb inside, the law you don't abide
but the money rolls right in, don't you know?

that was our trade back in the days
of sober states and jazz's greats
with one foot in jail and the other six feet below
me and my family ran that shine
through 8 or 9 state lines
until the coppers gunned em down in ohio

all it took's a couple stills, now we're running from old bill
but nobody's got a lead foot like billy joe
all those chicago mobster types
saying our whiskey treats em right
as they're filling up our pockets full of gold


well i guess that's how it goes everything good must come to a close
it happened down a dark and dusty road
those coppers ran us down, buried us 6 feet in the ground
and i'll never see my homeland again
Track Name: Ten Year Hangover
i don't remember exactly how it began
but now i barely know who i am
the beers get drank and the dope gets slammed
now i'm staring in the eyes of another woman
woke up puking blood
still i couldn't get enough
crawl back to bed in my haze
and start drinking at the start of the day

what do you do when the deathwish is gone?
with the lies you told and hearts you sold
the people you'd wronged
what do you do when the deathwish stays?
and you find the self hatred in so many ways
i can't live the life i've led
the tears i cried and the blood i shed
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
this ten year hangover, i've had enough

some grow up and some grow old
some go wild and some grow cold
from the heat of things that darken the soul
i walk the line in between
where the mind cries and the body screams
but you never give no peace
'till one day i woke up and heard a voice in my head
another six months of this and you'll be dead...

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